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Meta ​ Description activities

Firstly, meta description is one of the important topics in on page SEO. You cannot not ignore it because after the search it will provide a short description about your site. Secondly, meta descriptions show up with your title and URL on the search results page. They can help or hit the number of people who click on your results. Thirdly, your meta description has the most space (two lines of text vs. one line for the title and one line for the URL). 

So, use it to tell searchers what your website is about and what they can expect to find there. Finally, without the meta description search engine will not sort your webpage!

Characteristics ​ of Meta description

Furthermore, meta description is a summary of a page’s content that can be up to 120 characters long. It is written in HTML as a tag. Accordingly, it shows up in search results when the phrase that was looked for is in the description. So, it’s important to optimize it for on-page SEO. 

This post will tell you what a good meta description looks like. However, the SEO Expate Bangladesh, ltd. can help you make one. 

Our goal is simple: to get someone who is looking for something on Google to click on your link. In other words, search engines use meta descriptions to get people to click on a link.

Meta ​ Description

Meta description is an essential part of on-page SEO. But meta data is not important for Search Engine Optimization ranking. In fact, meta description attribute or tag. HTML component that describes and categorizes the content of your page for the benefit of both users and search engines. Therefore, if you want to see the website meta description simply search the webpage link in the search engine. Most importantly, you can ask what is the role of us? The SEO Expate Bangladesh, ltd. is a great brand in the SEO industry. In fact, we try to provide data and service as per customer requirements. Likewise, we will help you more to clarify the meta description.

Increasing ​ CTR

Moreover, search engines say that the meta description doesn’t help SEO directly. Because they don’t use it in how they rank pages. But there is an indirect benefit: Google uses click-through rate (CTR) to figure out if you’re a good result. Henceforth, if more people click on your result, Google thinks it’s a good result. After that, they will move you up the rankings based on where you are. That is to say, it’s so important to optimize your titles and meta descriptions. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure that Google will show the meta description you wrote. But since there is a chance, it will, it is always worth your time to add it to your post or page.

Above all, meta description has no right length; it all depends on what you want to say. You should use enough space to get your point across. But you should also keep it short and to the point. Therefore, if you look at the search results on Google, you’ll mostly see snippets like 120 to 156 characters. SEO Expate Bangladesh, ltd. data expert always up to date with search engine behavior. So, if you take service from us, you will benefit in your SEO. Meanwhile, we can’t completely change what Google shows in the search results.
However, meta description has a good relation with meta title. Additionally, with the focus keyword this displays relevant data to the person who is searching. With your search results, the page title is your headline. After that, your meta description is your tagline, and the URL is the address. Therefore, your meta description is most importantly a micro-pitch for a website. So, your website must be relevant to your data, so people get interested. So, they click your link and visit your webpage. Meta descriptions are an essential SEO fundamental that may help make your pages more relevant.
Accordingly, each search result, Google allows for a 1–2-line (160-character) summary. As a result, your meta descriptions should provide a compelling reason to visit the homepage in one to two phrases. Include a clear call to action, treat an emotional pain point, or provide visitors with a particular reward. It won’t fit if it’s too lengthy; Google will truncate it, and consumers won’t comprehend what your site can provide.   According to our on-site SEO research, roughly 30% of websites had duplicate meta descriptions, and 25% had pages with no meta description at all.
For instance, meta description tags may make a big difference in your SEO efforts. In fact, the SEO Expate Bangladesh, ltd. when doing advertising related work, they got some summaries. Google and other search engines will often display the meta description as a page summary. As a result, the meta description is just as crucial as the ad content. Similarly, a good meta description may increase your organic search results’ click-through rate. This implies that more visitors who view your page in search results will click through and visit your site. Even if your ranking remains the same, this implies extra traffic for you!

Final ​ Thought

In conclusion, meta description is not complicated for you any longer. Because you are now in SEO Expate Bangladesh, ltd. platform. We always provide our consumers best and highest service and support at a low price. So, they repeatedly work with us to make their business and service more fruitful. Finally, a good suggestion is to end this content. The user experience in Google will be harmed if your meta description is the same as that of other sites. Although the names of your pages may differ, all of them will seem to be the same since the descriptions are all the same. You’d be better off keeping it blank than producing repeated meta descriptions. Google will choose a snippet from the page that contains the query’s keyword. That stated, the ideal practice is to provide a unique meta description for each page you wish to rank with.

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