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What is a website that is “responsive”?

Responsive web design is called RWD design. It is a modern way to make websites and web pages look good on all devices and screen sizes. 

It does this by automatically adjusting to the size of the screen, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can provide a good result.

How does responsive web design work?

CSS provides varied style elements dependent on the user’s device size, orientation, resolution, color capability, and other aspects. Viewport and media queries are responsive CSS properties. 

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Mobile SEO responsiveness

This implies the website will adapt to the device’s screen size while keeping the same content. Non-mobile-friendly websites need visitors to squeeze, zoom, and scroll to read. Simply put, a website for a smartphone must be easy to use. If it’s not, your business might be losing out on sales and leads. 40% of customers have gone to a competitor’s site because their mobile experience was terrible. Responsive web design changes pictures, fonts, and other HTML components according to the user’s screen size. No redirection! Redirects are another approach to design for various devices. The user may immediately access what he wants without redirection.


Your web browser makes it easy to see if a website is responsive. Now Google Chrome is running. Come to your site. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to open Chrome. DevTools. Press Ctrl + Shift + M to change the device toolbar. You can get to your page with a phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. You can also use a free tool like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see if the pages on your site are mobile-friendly. Even though there are other ways to make a design mobile-friendly, like adaptive design, responsive web design is the most popular because of its benefits.

Thanks to responsive web design, web designers, user interface designers, and web developers no longer have to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make websites that work on every device. It also makes things easier for people who own businesses, work in marketing, or work for ad agencies. Here are some good things about it. All devices have websites. The website will appear fine on a 27-inch WiFi iMac or an Android phone.

Cost is another benefit of responsive web design. It is also easier to run because there is only one site instead of two. Changes don’t need to be made twice. The mobile-friendly design has a lot of advantages. Responsive design ensures that each user on any device has the greatest website experience possible. Most importantly, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd is the biggest company in this challenging sector. Responsive websites are also a great way to improve your site’s content by ensuring that visitors using mobile devices only see the most crucial information. Google’s algorithm upgrade favors sites with responsive designs that operate well on mobile devices. A place that works well on mobile will rank higher in search results than one that doesn’t. It’s important to note that there are two different ways to make a site mobile-friendly. The first option is “Dynamic Serving,” which uses the same URL but other HTML and CSS code. Pages know what kind of device is being used and send the correct code to it. The second choice is to make a separate site for mobile users. When visitors use a mobile device to access the site, they are sent to a URL designed specifically for mobile devices. Hence, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can provide you with a lot of advantages.

You can reach more customers and clients if you use smaller devices (tablets & smartphones) A consistent experience that can help you get more leads, sell more products, and convert more customers. You can do all of your analytics, tracking, and reporting in one place. Keep up with the competition. Even 44% of Fortune 500 companies aren’t mobile-ready right now! The best strategy depends on the situation, as long as the proper steps are taken to optimize for mobile users fully. Find out which method works best for your online presence before you start. More than 5.7 billion searches are done on the web every day because of Google. Google says that sites made for smartphones should use responsive web design. Google even has a test to see how easy it is for someone to use your website on a mobile device. Just type in a URL and you’ll get a score. SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. Company is highly essential for your business purposes.

We know that Google needs the following optimized elements ​for an excellent mobile-friendly user experience with responsive web design:

The rise of mobile devices is just the beginning of a trend toward making it easier to use the internet. As smartwatches and other wearables become more popular, it’s essential to make sure that your website can be read on any device.

The Conclusion

The website quickly becomes the most critical way to connect with new people. Businesses are making their websites work better and coming up with new ways to communicate better online. Google and other search engines are also working to ensure that everyone who uses the internet has a good time. So, they’ve made how mobile-friendly a site is a key search ranking factor. It makes the user experience better. 


Here, this makes it easier to build and maintain the website with less money and time. This post has gone into detail about what “responsive design” means for a website. Our experts in website design will be happy to help you make your site mobile-friendly. We are active 24/7 daily for your satisfaction. Moreover, we are here to give you the best efforts.

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