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What is Ruby on Rails Development used for ​

Rubi on Rails, or Rails, is a web application framework that uses the MVC or Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. This framework can be used for all web-based app development. It uses the programming language Ruby, which is a high-level, integrated, general-purpose programming language. Moreover, this full-stack framework allows developers to create new web applications faster than usual. 

As a matter of fact, it only takes a few weeks to develop a minimum viable prototype with Rails. In fact, this is possible because of the intuitive nature of the framework and the existence of Rubygems. As a result, Ruby on Rails is being hailed as the top choice for all startups to launch their new websites.

A multipurpose tool like Ruby on Rails can be used for all kinds of development services. However, its most popular use is developing eCommerce and other types of online stores. Its wide range of tools makes it the best framework to develop e-stores with sophisticated browsing and easier purchase options.
Similarly, Ruby on Rails is also the optimum choice for SAAS or Software as a Service framework. In addition, Rails development is also used for social apps, startup web development, and many other services.

Characteristics of Ruby on Rails Development ​


Localization is a feature to assist the programmer in integrating their pre-designed code into the Rails framework for a bigger project. This feature reduces the workload of the programmers and speeds up the process greatly.

Rails include a number of libraries that assist the programmer to complete their code to production in less time and with reduced effort.

Rails on Ruby also has its own automated testing system called RSpec, which runs its own sets of tests on the code. As such, it saves time and the effort of running the tests separately to ensure the accuracy of the code.

Ruby, the programming language used for Rails development, is pretty straightforward. It is closer to English than other codes and quite flexible. Thus, the coding is less complex and it is easier for the programmer to put his ideas into code. As a result, it consumes less time and enhances efficiency by reducing complexity.

Ruby on Rails assigns value without requiring multiple configuration files. This convention increases productivity as the programmer doesn’t need to waste his time setting up separate configuration files and assigning names and destinations to them.

Popular Apps that Use Ruby for Rails ​

The efficiency of Rails development can be understood clearly if we take a look at the companies that used Ruby on Rails development for their web applications. As a matter of fact, Market leaders like Shopify, Github, Twitch, Soundcloud, etc have used Rails development. In addition, Airbnb, Hulu, and Zendesk are among the other popular businesses that have used the service for their web app.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails Development ​ ​


Gems are another amazing feature supported by Ruby. They are used to create and modify functionality in the Rails framework. Some Gems also provide command-line utilities to automate tasks and speed up the process.

The automated testing system runs tests on the code to ensure accuracy and saves precious time for the developers.

The process of Ruby on Rails development is extremely fast. Features like libraries, gems, and the flexibility of the programming language allow the programmers to finish up faster.

Since Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework, it runs on free operating systems and works with most free databases and web servers. Thus, it saves the hours of billing time and expensive tools.

Rails boast a large community of like-minded developers who support and share each other’s work. They also create Gems for the community and assist others in solving their problems.

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