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SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd is a software developer company. However, our team contains expert developers, designers, business analysts, and project managers. Moreover, we focus on building custom mobile and web applications. Therefore, Enterprises across a diverse set of industries including government, education, health care, financial services, and more. Also, hiring a custom software development company requires a sharp eye. To conclude, we can assure you that choosing our company and collaborating with us will get you the best outcome.

Software Development Service Summary

Our software development services offer special solutions to meet your business needs. However, with a team of developers, we specialize in making custom software, mobile apps, and web platforms. Also, it can streamline processes and enhance user experiences. However, from initial concept to final deployment, we maintain communication and collaboration. And, ensure that your vision is brought to accurately. Also, our agile approach allows for flexibility and adaptability throughout the development process, ensuring high-quality results that align with your goals. To conclude, trust us to deliver innovative, reliable, and scalable software solutions that drive your business forward.

Benefits of Software Development Services for Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Software development services offer lots of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, for small companies, custom software can boost productivity efficiency and help you with the other competitors. Also, medium-sized companies can benefit from solutions that keep up growth, plan operations, and increase production. Large companies can use this service to solve difficult problems, and stay ahead of industry trends. Furthermore, software development services help businesses to grow, adapt to changing market demands, and drive success through technology-driven solutions tailored to their needs.


Optimized Business Process

Scalable AR/VR/MR Solutions

Improve Accessibility

Ensure the best combination of skills

Technical excellence combines with great customer service

Software Development
Core Software Development Services

Our core development services offer you the best solutions for your customized software. Therefore, we collaborate with our customers and create something better for their needs. Our team carefully plans the whole project to finish it without any problems. Also, the development includes properly following the customer's instructions and ensuring it functions properly. So, these services enable the successful creation and deployment of custom software applications that drive business growth and innovation.

Software Development
Our Services

Optimized Business Process

Convert Manual System to Automate System Improve Accessibility

Scalable AR/VR/MR Solutions


Great customer service

Ensure the best combination of skills

Desktop Software Development Services

Desktop Software Development is the process of making computer programs for specific functionality. You can take advantage of using desktop software for its speed and performance. Besides, they run on desktops or laptops with macOS, Windows, or Linux operating systems. The independence of internet connectivity also makes desktop software in demand for businesses. And SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. is helping businesses by providing best-in-class desktop software development services globally.

System Software Development

System Software Development

Programming Software Development

Cross-platform Desktop App Development

Open Source Software Development

Shareware development

Desktop Software Modernization

Utility Software Development

Software Development

Application Software Development

Browsers & Firmware Development

Driver Software Development

API Development

Security and Assurance

Desktop Software Integration

Research and Development

Mobile Software Development Services

Do you need a mobile app and are looking for a mobile software development company? Then, you can have smart mobile app solutions at SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. If you need simple mobile apps or game development, we have quality mobile app solutions for you. To fulfill your needs, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. offers mobile apps development with customization services.Here, you can have mobile app solutions for smartphones, smartwatches, iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many more. You can rely on SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. the most reliable custom software development company. The expert team at SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. has expertise in Java, J2ME, J2EE, Ajax, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and more to develop your mobile software.

Software Development

Mobile Software Development

OCustom Mobile Software Development

Cross-platform Mobile Software Development

Hybrid Software Development, Hybrid Mobile App Development

Android Mobile Software Development

iOS Mobile Software Development

Windows Phone Software Development

Mobile Software Modernization

Hybrid Software Development

iOS and Android Apps Development

Custom iOS and Android Apps Development

eCommerce Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development, Native Mobile Software

Android Mobile App Development, Mobile Game Development

iPad App Development, iPhone App Development

Windows Phone App Development

UI/UX design, Mobile Apps with Blockchain Integration

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Custom Software Development Services

The custom software solution provides superior functionality. As a result, Small-to-midsize (SMB) and enterprises can gain a competitive advantage by using custom software. However, suppose you need custom software development services like desktop, web, mobile apps, cloud computing, and more. In that case, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can offer you the best solution for custom software development. With a proven record in custom software development for large enterprises and organizations, expert developers at SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. excel in custom mobile app development, desktop software development, and many more. Let's work together.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Custom Software Development for New Technologies

Departmental Software, Customer Self-service Apps

UI and UX, Customer Self-service Apps

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

SProcurement Platforms

Inventory Management Software

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Software Development
Custom Mobile App Development

ACorporate & Interorganizational Software Systems

Software for a Specific Business Function

Cross-industry, DevOps and QA

Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) Software

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Business Process Management

Ecommerce Solutions, Point of Sale (POS) Software

FAQs of Software Development Company and Services
Q. What are Software Development Services?
Software development services are the development of computer programs. The process includes designing, engineering, deploying, supporting, and fixing bugs in the software. And by performing all the processes, software development companies help customers.
Software development companies develop software, frameworks, and tools for solving problems. If you are having difficulties handling your business, you need a software development partner. Then you can make your ideas thrive.Hiring a software development company can give you fresh perspectives. And experts can provide adequate support with their innovative Software development service ideas. Thus, you can save time and cost and get reliable software development services.
SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2023 certified Software Development Company. Also, the best platforms among software companies offer a comprehensive set of software development services to help you grow your business. Contact us if you need custom software, mobile apps, an e-commerce website, or a web application. Our highly expert software development team will create a masterpiece for you. They have a high level of recognition for their Software Development expertise.
If you need a software solution, you can contact us by up this form. Click here and tell us your needs and we’ll get back to you. After analyzing your requirements, our team can arrange a meeting with you if you want. We will also share project proposals for budget and timeline estimates with you. If you want to know more about how we work then please visit us.
There is no need to know about the technical details. We will handle all the technical complexities. All you have to do is share your ideas with us. But if you are interested to see our technical expertise then you can visit here to see the technologies we have expertise at.
Share the details of your project ideas such as market scopes, timeframes, business challenges and other necessary information.
Yes, we can. You can work with SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. for any kind of mobile app development. Please visit our mobile app development services.
Yes, we can. You can work with SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. for any kind of desktop software. Please visit our SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. .
Yes, please.
We need your support with testing the project.
We have testing and quality assurance processes, but the way we think and use your game is different from how you will. You know best what you want better than anyone else.
Probably you will use and interact with what we have built-in in ways that we could not have predicted.
SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. offers several pricing models that depend on the project nature and service. Thus, you can choose the best price option for the development of your software. We offer fixed price, Time & materials, and a dedicated team model.
You will have unlimited support from our team. They will regularly test the work results, taking into account all customer preferences. As we work to gain our customer's satisfaction, we guarantee high-quality services. Meet the core team.
We will always provide you with technical support for the developed projects. In addition, you can also have 24*7 customer support from our dedicated customer service team.

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