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SEO Expate was established to help entrepreneurs stay focused on their business without the distraction of IT issues. Besides, our diversified IT services are your secret weapon to help keep your business running smoothly and securely. SEO Expate has made a name for itself as a trusted IT company that offers competitive pricing to large and small business communities.

We are Unleashing the Power of Technology

Who We Are

We are SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. a multinational IT service and technology solution provider company. We've been designing, developing, and marketing websites with a results-oriented focus since 2013. SEO Expate is an ISO-certified global service provider and we are successfully exploring various branches of the IT sector. Additionally, we specialize in making complex IT outsourcing projects run smoothly and efficiently. Our operational excellence, technical assistance, and other supporting staff are the artificers of the whole work. Moreover, our team of experts handles everything from technical tasks to daily operations sincerely. Therefore, SEO-EBL is your ideal companion in every department.

What We Do

SEO Expate is passionate about empowering businesses with the power of technology. Our team of passionate experts in an IT company is dedicated to using modern technology to solve modern-day problems. Since 2013, we've been helping businesses of all sizes across various industries achieve their goals.

We provide Digital marketing, SEO, Web development, Mobile app development, Software development, Graphics design, Content Writing, and many more services. Also, we have a training program where we work to employ young people through freelancing.Our team holds the industry's leading certifications, ensuring you receive the best quality service and support. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, we offer flexible and customized solutions that will help your business. Additionally, we offer expert guidance on how to utilize technology properly to maximize your business potential.

Create a Better Tomorrow with
Modern Technology

The world is in constant change, and modern technology is the engine driving us forward. In fact, by the devices in our pockets, the vast networks connecting us globally. Thus, modern technology opens immense potential to create a better tomorrow. For that, to get the best outcome we have to utilize this technology in all aspects of our life. SEO Expate is giving you various types of IT support to make your institute compatible with the digital era. Here, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd provides Software Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, etc. services. The future we want to create depends on the choices we make today. So, give us a chance to serve you with the best technology for your organization.

We are here to provide services with the greatest technologies available. Not to mention, we will do it more creatively and productively. Hence, consider the most efficient use of technology to expand the possibilities of your organization. SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. is one the fastest-growing IT companies in Bangladesh. We want to reach every corner of the country with branches in every district. Therefore, we are working hard to make our dream successful.

SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. started with the vision to support individuals and organizations in their prospective departments. We are determined to provide the best solutions you are required for your journey to success. Also, we have a vision to produce more than 50000 freelancers to make the youth asset for the country. In addition, we have a dream to play a significant role in the global IT industry.

1. Customer Obsession
2. Eagerness to Invent
3. Long Term Thinking
4. Operation Excellence

It is obvious that choosing an IT company and investing there for your business is difficult. For that, to reduce this complexity we make some promises to our clients. We will always protect your data and systems from any kind of cyberattacks. We will provide a team of experienced IT professionals with the skills to solve your problems. Besides, our solutions will fit your budget and provide a good return on investment (ROI). Also, through regular guidance and support, we will ensure your technology investments are profitable. SEO Expate is staying ahead of the latest technology trends and offering top-quality solutions. Finally, we are frequently organizing your IT infrastructure to improve efficiency.

Meet The Core Team
Experience you can trust.
Md Mizanur Rahman

Managing Director

Mst Razia Sultana


Shajahan Ali

Director (Admin)

Shakil Ahmmed


Md Abdur Razzak


Atiqur Rahman

Project Director

Md. Rezwan (Rifat)

Head of Operations

Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin

Customer Relationship Manager

Md. Nihal Ahmed

Head of Content Writing

Mosaraf Hossain
Mosaraf Hossain

Head of Audit

ATM. Meshkat Hasan
ATM. Meshkat Hasan

Head Of Web Developer

Md. Monirul lslam
Md. Monirul lslam

Head of Accounts


Head Of HR

Honorable Advisor
Basudeb Acharjee


Md.Azharul Islam Khan


img text
Ragebul Ahsan Ripu


Our Branches
Pirganj Branch (Rangpur)

East side of Islami Bank S, B Plaza, Pirganj, Rangpur

Palashbari Branch (Gaibandha)

Palashbari RDRS Bazar, SEO Expate Tower, Palashbari, Gaibandha � 5730, Bangladesh

Ullapara Second Branch (Sirajganj)

Science College Road, Jhikira, Ullapara, Sirajganj � 6760, Bangladesh

Ullapara Branch (Sirajganj)

Science College Road, Jhikira, Ullapara, Sirajganj � 6760, Bangladesh

Second Branch (Naogaon)

Mohadevpur Upazila Gate number 04, Hannan Tower 3rd floor, Mohadevpur, Naogaon � 6530, Bangladesh

Naogaon Branch (Naogaon)

Mohadevpur Upazila Gate number 04, Hannan Tower 1st floor, Mohadevpur, Naogaon � 6530, Bangladesh

Sherpur Branch (Bogura)

Sherpur Bus Stand, Sherpur Bazar, SEO Expate Tower, Sherpur, Bogura � 5840, Bangladesh

Jalesharitola Branch (Bogura)

Romena Afaz Complex, 2nd floor, Romena Afaz Road, Jalesharitola, Bogura -5800, Bangladesh

Third Branch (Bogura)

Floor 4 & 5, Mofazzal Tower, Majhira Bazar, Shahajanpur, Bogura-5801, Bangladesh

Second Branch (Bogura)

Floor 2, Mofazzal Tower, Majhira Bazar, Shahajanpur, Bogura-5801, Bangladesh

Corporate Office (Dhaka)

House � 386, Level-2, Road-6, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka � 1212, Bangladesh

Head Office (Bogura)

Floor 1, Kagjipara, SEO Expate Tower, Majhira, Shahajanpur, Bogura-5801, Bangladesh

Achievements and Recognitions

SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001 & 27001 and we are a trusted provider of digital services. Besides, we are registered as a Joint Stock Company. In the year 2023, SEO Expate was awarded the ''Smart Bangladesh Award - 2023" by the government of Bangladesh for its significant role in the IT sector. Also, we are members of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services), and BACCO (Bangladesh Association of Contact Center & Outsourcing).

Our Departments
Finance Department
Operation Department
Human Resources (HR) Department
Audit Department
Planning and Project Department
Customer Support Department
Research and Development Department
Training Department
IT Department
Web and Software Development Department
SEO and Digital Marketing Department
Content Writing Department
Graphics Design Department
Graphics ( Direct Marketing Department )
Web ( Direct Marketing Department)
WordPress Design Depertment
Local Marketing Department
Event Management Department
Office Maintenance Department
Our Infrustructure
Pleasant Work Environment

We strongly believe that the productivity of a team greatly depends on a company culture. That's why we enable a positive work environment that increases creativity and innovation. This leads to seamless design, production, and testing stages, ensuring we deliver world-class technology solutions.

Our Infrustructure

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Core Service Areas

SEO Expate delivers IT services and tech solutions and provides higher value to clients. Our service areas are Software Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Content Writing, and many more. Also, we have a freelancing training program that helps thousands of youth to build their career.

Core Service Areas
Web Development
Core Service Areas
Software Development
Core Service Areas
Mobile App Development
Core Service Areas
Domain & Hosting
Core Service Areas
Graphic Design
Core Service Areas
Digital Marketing
Core Service Areas
Core Service Areas
Content Writing
Our Engagement Models

We have a different engagement model precisely created for our services. Therefore, with years of experience, we develop these models to guarantee top-quality performance, exceptional functionality, and impressive efficiency for your business.

Our Engagement Models
Agile Approach

The Agile approach allows for changes to be made throughout the development process. By breaking down projects into smaller, manageable chunks, Agile allows for faster development cycles. Also, this reduces the risk of major problems arising later in the project.

Our Engagement Models
Dedicated Team

Our dedicated teams provide quality services, accelerate projects, and make the best use of resources. This allows you to expand your capacity and access specific skill sets to tackle difficult projects.

Our Engagement Models
Staff Augmentation

SEO Expate uses this method to find the exact expertise we need for a specific project. We can quickly adjust our team size based on project needs.

Our Engagement Models

We encourage the hourly work model because it gives greater flexibility in scheduling. Besides, we can gain experience in different industries and with diverse teams by working on hourly projects.

Our Engagement Models
Managed Service

We will manage your business remotely through this engagement model. This service includes managing network, application, and infrastructure for security and many other operations.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Initiatives by SEO Expate

Managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not only crucial for the company but also important for social security. We believe that established businesses have a responsibility to contribute to the unprivileged people of the community. That's why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn't just a show-off at SEO Expate, it's a core thread in our company culture.

Events of SEO Expate

Explore successful events organized and participated by SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd!

Our Reliable Customers and Associates

SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. takes great pride in collaborating with businesses, firms, service providers, corporations, government departments, and other organizations as a top information technology company. Here take a look at some of the top companies and institutions that SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. has already worked with.

We’re Driven by our Core Values

SEO Expate is one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Besides, at the heart of our success lies a determined commitment to our core values. Thus, these values guide us to tackle challenges in every sector to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Customer Obsession:
Commitment, Quality, Success

SEO Expate is obsessed with bringing success to clients. In addition, we always put our clients first. Client needs are our 1st priority and we do everything to provide a better experience to the clients. Whether it's making a sale, marketing our services, or providing ongoing support, our main goal is to ensure our clients have a smooth and happy experience every step of the way.

We’re Driven by our Core Values

We’re Driven by our Core Values
Eagerness to Invent:
Courage, Innovation, Growth

We believe in going beyond simply listening to our clients. Also, We are a team of passionate inventors, constantly pushing the boundaries to develop groundbreaking solutions that empower your success. Besides, the innovations we create have a ripple effect, benefiting not only your business but also your customers and the communities you serve. So, you can partner with SEO Expate, and let's co-create the future together. Therefore, we will boost our inventive spirit, and convert your ideas into real-world success.

Long Term Thinking:
Integrity, Sustainability, Outcome

SEO Expate believes that technology is not just a tool, it's a powerful force for positive change. Besides, we are a purpose-driven company with a desire to improve lives through innovative solutions. In addition, our focus isn't just on immediate results. Moreover, we take a long-term perspective, preparing sustainable technology that benefits not just our clients, but society as a whole.

We’re Driven by our Core Values

We’re Driven by our Core Values
Operation Excellence:
Ownership, Collaboration, Process

We know that a good workplace is the foundation for exceptional results. That's why we are dedicated to continuous improvement, promoting a culture that empowers our team and boosts our success. Moreover, we believe in ethical practices and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. Therefore, honesty and transparency form the foundation for everything we do. We have a highly-skilled, motivated team dedicated to exceeding expectations. Thus, this ensures premium client service and innovative solutions.

Featured on TV Channel

I cannot recommend this IT firm enough. Their attention to detail, technical expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction set them apart from other firms. I am extremely happy with the results of our collaboration.

How We Work with Clients

Every project is our passion project for that we work with our hearts and minds to turn your vision into a success story. Also, we're passionate about making a real difference for our customers. It's more than just achieving goals and we truly care about your business. Besides, we build strong, lasting partnerships with our clients to understand your needs. SEO Expate offers exclusive and dedicated support with a team that becomes an extension of yours. In addition, our proven mode "1-2-3 Strategy" guarantees success at every step. Let's chat and see how we can turn your vision into reality together.



The first step of any project is to design the client's ideas accurately. Besides, beautiful design makes your product stand out and empowers your brand.



SEO Expate combines digital transformation strategies with robust product engineering to build anything you need.



Our managed services ensure your product stays optimized, customized, and flawlessly integrated.

Fields We Cover

Having been in the information technology services provider business for more than ten years, we have finished several projects for our clients in almost every sector. Including the following items:

Finance & Banking



Real Estate


Health & Fitness

Food & Drink










Photo & Video





We are Certified

We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
We are Certified
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Experience the power of our technology solutions, designed to enhance the lives of global users. You can find us and see where we are located and from where we operate. Explore our website to learn more.

We Thrive Globally
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SEO Expate is your guide to the ultimate technology solutions. Embark on your journey today and discover how we utilize updated tools to tackle your biggest challenges.